Asia DeWeese
Title: Assistant Women's Wrestling Coach

Asia DeWeese has been involved in wrestling since she was a teenager, when women’s wrestling was just beginning in the United States. She competed in the first US women’s wrestling tournament and was on the first women’s team sent to world championships. She is on the USA Wrestling all World Team and was a silver medalist in the World Championship in Switzerland 1989. She was also the only woman on the University of Oregon’s collegiate wrestling program.

Asia has worked with the Roseburg Mat club program since 2011 coaching both collegiate and freestyle wrestling. She has also coached with the Oregon Women’s Wrestling Program Fargo team and coaches and mentors girls in the local junior high wrestling programs.

A huge promotor of women’s wresting and women’s sports, Asia believes that wrestling can be a transformational experience for young women. Wrestling profoundly influenced her life, and she wants to share that experience with others. Asia is excited to help athletes develop their wrestling skills and prepare them to move on to a four-year program as well as national and international competition.

Asia is also an experienced university and college professor who currently teaches at Umpqua Community College and has taught and lived around the world. She believes that academic success is a paramount part of a successful wrestling program.

For Asia, wrestling is not just about building great athletes and students, but great individuals. Even though wrestling is an individual sport, team cohesiveness is essential and provides an environment where athletes can thrive to reach their goals and build confidence in each other.